Seeking Bhagawan Finding Jesus

I grew in Hindu Family. One day I asked question to my grandmothers who create Human?  grandmother replied me Bhagawan created to human. So in my heart always that question came who is that Bhagawan ?  Because that time Our family worshiping to Devi Dewata and sacrificed to animal every year. But I never found love from Devi Dewata.  I was seeking answer of who created Human? From childhood. I studies some books of Hindu and also asked to elder people. But they didn’t have right answer. Our family lived in remote area of Nepal. So I never heard about Jesus. But when I came to Nepalgunj for further study. This is a Tarai Area of Nepal.  Than my Uncle shared me Gospel about Jesus. But I ignored that because that is a new religion for me. But one day I was lying in bed. I saw Bible on the table. Suddenly my heart willed to read that Bible. So I read that. I totally surprised. Because I never heard about eternal life, salvation and God’s love. That’s day is amazing for me. When my uncle back to home from work. I talked with Uncle about Bible. Than my uncle lots of things shared me about Jesus. Then I accepted to Christ to my personal savior. Then I started regularly go to church with my uncle. I found my all the answers in the Bible. So I am so blessed to know Jesus. that’s why I shared Gospel to other nowadays.