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Follow these 3 things for spiritual Growth.

1. Spend quality time with God every day.
How to spend quality time with God every day, go to a certain place and talk to Him in private, only you and God. Worship Him and ask Him for guidance and wisdom. Just as we look at the life of Jesus in Mark 1:35, we find that he would get up before dawn and go to a secluded place and spend time in prayer.

2. Practice spiritual activity daily life.
Spiritual activities include daily word study, spending time in prayer, serving others, and associa with others. Practicing these things daily builds you up spiritually.

3. Make good friends With whom you can share spiritual things.
Another way to grow in spiritual life is with good friends. When we make good friends, they show enthusiasm, help, courage and our weaknesses and give us encouragement and measures to overcome those weaknesses. Therefore, good friends also play an important role in spiritual growth.

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