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Here are the 8 things you should do to fight back out of whatever dark place you find yourself.

1. Tell Someone

Swallow your pride and let someone else into the stress and anxiety you feel. Someone you trust.

Nothing good happens when you’re isolated. When you admit it to others, you finally end up admitting it to yourself.

2. Develop A Circle Around You

Friends who remind us that “Tomorrow the sun will rise” make all the difference.

You need people who believe in you when you’ve stopped believing in yourself.

3. Keep Leaning Into God

The Psalms are filled with pain and isolation and fear and anxiety. At the same time, they run headlong into God, not away from him. Don’t give yourself permission to quit your faith. Read when you don’t feel like reading. Pray when it’s hard. Keep going. Just because you can’t feel God’s love doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

4. Rest

Read the Gospels. Jesus took naps. Sometimes it’s the most spiritual thing you can do. 70% of discipleship is a good night’s sleep.

You know when things seem bigger and scarier at night before bed? That’s not just because its dark and quiet outside versus sunny and active, it’s because we’re tired.

5. Find Something To Take Your Attention Away From Your Pain

The problem with this COVID moment is that when we slow down our pace, often we only have our pain to focus on.

And pain is selfish, it always demands our attention. Watch a movie. Go for a hike. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. Not giving up on life helps you get back into life.

6. Don’t Make Any Big Decisions

In this state, often we are tempted to do things that can ruin our lives and the lives of those we love.

Don’t do those things. Do not quit your job. Do not buy a sports car. Do not cheat on your spouse. Do not make any drastic changes or moves right now if you are in a season of stress and anxiety and ‘dark night of the soul’.

7. Grieve Your Losses

Life can be a series of un-grieved losses. It’s hard to know what to do with our losses.

The dreams and plans that aren’t happening right now — grieve them. Admit it sucks — it’s part of healing. In the Bible, why do they take 40 days to grieve the death of Moses? Can’t they just go to the funeral and go back to work after?

There is something about grieving that makes life on the other side more than.

8. Reopen Your Heart

This will end. When you feel cynicism and numbness entering your life – maybe you already have – don’t give up and think “this is the way it is now”. Commit to reopen yourself to encouragement, hope, and the idea of a preferred future.

So many of you have experienced broken trust in relationships or more that have caused you to be hurting. Don’t give up on humanity. There are so many good and trustworthy people. Find them and trust them again.

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